50 Years After This Airman Disappeared In Vietnam, Investigators Made An Astonishing Discovery

By Staff Writer

Image: via YouTube/CBS Evening News

It’s 1968 and three A-6 Intruder planes take off from USS Enterprise for a mission over Vietnam. For the two-man crew of one of those craft, this mission will not turn out well. But it will be more than 50 years before the full story about one of the airmen, navigator and bombardier Lieutenant Richard C. Lannom, emerges.

Image: Dirck Halstead/Liaison/Getty Images

The pilot flying the A-6 with Lannom aboard was Lieutenant Commander Thomas Scheurich. It was 6:00 p.m. on March 1 when the trio of planes took off from USS Enterprise on a foggy evening with heavy cloud. All three A-6 crews reported that both radio reception and their weapons were in good order after take-off.

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