Before Dying, Wife Tells Husband to Keep Watering Plants. Years Later, Learns Funny Reason Why

Wife Instructs Husband to Keep Watering Plants Before She Died. Years Later, He Finds Out Funny Reason Why

One of the worst days of your life is losing a spouse, especially one that has been with you since your teenage years. Phedre and Nigel Fitton had been married for decades and had known each other since they were 16 years old. Phedre, at the age of 69 years old, passed away from cancer. This left Nigel alone and a widower.

Nigel was completely destroyed by her death. He could not imagine his life moving on without her.

Before she passed away, Phedre asked him to do one thing for her. She pleaded to him, “Please water my bathroom plants after I’m gone.” Nigel promised her he would. It may have seemed like a bizarre request, but he would have done anything for her.

Day after day, Nigel continued to water the bathroom plants. He would never let his late wife down.

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