How To Think Outside The Box And Create The Summer We All Need

2. Outdoor Activities

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It is proven that being outside is good for our health, not just physically mentally and emotionally as well. You do not have to go far, of course — your backyard counts!
  • Plant a Garden – Teach your kids what it’s like to make their own food. They love to see what it takes to make it grow. It also teaches them to appreciate where food comes from.
  • Field Day – Who doesn’t love field day? You can actually buy a field day kit online. Get some sacks (or pillowcases) for your sack race. You just need an egg and spoon for a spoon race. A ribbon to tie two legs together for your kids for the one-legged race. There are so many to choose from!
  • Backyard Camping If your kids are old enough, let them stay overnight in the backyard. For the younger ones, set the tent, make s’mores, and let them feel like they are really camping even if they end up in their own bed.
  • Picnic – Pretend you are in different places in the world on a picnic. Have snacks and food that take you there. Be in Mexico by making tacos, snack on salsa, and play fun Mexican music.
  • Scavenger hunt- Have themed hunts. Print out free maps online. Look for birds, flowers, trees. The options are endless. There is fun and some education.
  • Water Park -Amazon has everything you need. Order a Slip ‘n’ Slide and a baby pool. You already have tons of soap, so use it to make everything super slippery!
  • P.E- Get your kids active. There are tons of great ideas for free on Youtube, also cosmic yoga is great as well. you can play them on a Bluetooth speaker and do an outdoor fun workout!

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